Angels of Death

ML Guida - Betrayal - an Angels of Death book
Night Owl Top Pick Reviews award
M.L. Guida pens her characters strong in this well written face paced story. This book will capture you right from the beginning and keep you enthralled until the end.
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Heather Bowen, a drug and alcohol counselor, has always been able to see auras, but now she’s being haunted in her sleep by a red-eyed man who’s peddling a psychotic drug to her clients.  After her sister becomes his next victim, Heather is determined to prove her sister’s innocence. Life as she knows it becomes more unpredictable when the new counselor, Scythe Angel, arrives. It doesn’t take Heather more than a first meeting to determine this larger than life man is commanding, pushy, determined and downright sexy. However there’s something about him she’s not sure she can trust, no matter how she finds herself drawn to him.

Scythe knows he can clear Heather’s sister’s name, but to do it he must confront his elusive and dangerous brother who seems to be bound to the dark side. With his own wings on the line, Scythe has to discover a way to save his brother’s soul before it’s too late. An arduous task for Scythe becomes even more complicated by his unearthly attraction to Heather.

For both of them to succeed they will have to learn to trust each other or fail; losing everything they hold dear.

The action in this book is non-stop, but we have a steamy romance thrown in, but it’s not that the focus is not on the romance, there is a story to tell, and it’s told very well.
Michelle’s Paranormal Vault
I was able to visualize what I was reading and the descriptive details were enough to make me FEEL what was happening in the book. Overall, the story was excellent in terms of characterization and detail, and I really felt drawn to the story itself.
Destiny Isn’t Free
ML Guida - Deception - an Angels of Death book
Between good vs. evil, angel vs. demon, they were going to make a pact that would not be easily broken. Who would win? Loved this book the way it was written.


To keep her job as an Angel of Death, Poison must retrieve an evil board and the woman using it, but a demon beats her to it and demands she sleep with him or he will vanish with both forever.

Poison has two hours to fulfill her orders received from Michael the Archangel: Locate and retrieve the dark Evil Board and capture the woman has been using it to grant wishes. She is determined to succeed and prove herself a worthy Angel of Death. She agrees to demonic temptation.

Ringmaster is on a search of his own. He is pleasantly surprised to discover not only the Spell Board he has been tasked to find, but also the fledgling Angel of Death he has yearned to sample. When he learns Poison wants the same woman and board, the persuasive demon makes her a tempting offer—sleep with him and have both.

ML Guida - Punishmet - an Angels of Death book
Night Owl Top Pick Reviews award


Blade Angel, a fallen demon, must repent or be human forever. He defies an archangel and ends up in the hospital badly burned where he meets a gifted healer, Abigail Malcomb. She heals his hands, and soon discovers she is his angel-mate. But he has a dark secret.

Abigail wants to save her drug addicted brother, but the powers of hell want his soul. And the only way she can save him is to trust the demon responsible for her sister’s death. He claims she is his true love.

To defeat evil, they must learn to trust and forgive each other.

ML Guida - Cupid cover


Cupid, has a terrible secret—she’s color blind. After accidentally shooting her intended target with an aversion arrow, she tries to fix it by a shooting a passion arrow. But Lethal, the sexy angel of death she has had a crush on forever, blocks her path. Shot by passion’s arrow, he now thinks he’s in love with her.

Lethal knew Cupid was his angel-mate from the moment he saw her. He’s never claimed her because an angry demon promised murder. But when she shoots him with the arrow he can’t keep his true feelings hidden any longer.

The demon makes good on promise and pursues Cupid, but not to kill her. She has a hidden power he wants, one that Cupid doesn’t even know she has. Only true love can unleash her power and by working together, their love will crush the demon bent on destroying them.

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