Unbearable Fear

Walfea hides on Earth to forget the horrors of his past. He was a security bear for the Intrepid, but now doubts his abilities. The last thing he thought would happen is meeting his mate–a spirited girl with a terrible secret. 

Skye Carr is on the run from a stalker. A friend lets her stay in a cabin the mountains that has a mysterious caretaker. Skye soon discovers he’s not a man, but a shifter. She thinks she’s safe, but she isn’t. 

With betrayal and doubt on all sides, Walfea and Skye have to work together to escape their enemy. Can Skye trust a space bear with her life and her heart? And with the Intrepid out of range, will Walfea believe in himself to protect the woman he loves or is he doomed to make the same haunting mistakes?

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Madnesss Unleashed

Damon is in love with the queen of the dragon warriors and the only way to get close to her is to be her personal guard. But the Fates are against him. Instead of wooing the queen, he’s forced to go to Earth to steal his destined human mate.

Three months ago, Hera Athans woke up in a park with no memory of who she is, where she lives, or what she does for a living. Now, she’s in survival mode. Two months behind on her rent she’s one step away from being homeless—again. She didn’t think things could get any worse. But she was wrong.

Kidnapped by an alien and held captive on board the spaceship Orion only Hera has the power to soothe his savage beast. She must mate with a dragon shifter to save both their worlds and unleash a love that will shake the stars…or lose both Earth and Zalara forever.

ML Guida - Madness Unleashed

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