Bears of Aria

Skye: I’m a rock star and I have a stalker.

He terrifies me.

Someone close to me is feeding him my private information.

I don’t think I’ll ever be safe.

Who can I trust?

Walfea: Aliens killed my brother.


I can’t get his cries out of my head.

I came to Earth to forget–not to find a mate.

But she’s in trouble.

I couldn’t save my brother.

Will I be able to protect her?

Unbearable Failure


Vaughn: Our women are dying on Aria and we don’t know why.

An Earth woman may have the cure, but she won’t hand it over.

I don’t like kidnapping, but she leaves me no choice.

And she’s my mate.

Sandra Rotella:  Everyone thinks I’m a failure. Except for an alien.

He’s desperate for my formula, desperate enough to abduct me.

And he tells me we’re fated to be together.

He believes I can save his people. But what if he’s wrong?

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