I recently read a blog about people being concerned that this will be an unlucky year due to the number 13. When I was in college, I had a professor of sociology who talked about the number 13. According to him, the number 13 is actually a feminine number and was used in pagan rituals. Pagan rituals were matriarchal  based, but when Christianity came into being, the religion was patriarchal based. Also, according to my professor, there were 13 apostles rather than 12 and the 13th apostle was Mary Magdalene, but the leaders of the Church wanted it to be patriarchal led. So, they condemned Mary to be a prostitute and reduce the apostles to 12.

Now, I’m sure many of you don’t believe this, but the number 13 is a just a number. This year will be what you make it. If you believe it will be bad, then it will be bad. However, if you believe it will be positive, it will be. I believe in positive thinking and am looking forward to this year. In my family alone, there are some milestones. I will be turning 50 , my sister will be celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary, my nephews will turn 18, 16 and the twins will be turning 13. My oldest nephew will be graduating from high school and I will be graduating from Regis University with a Master of Art in Creative Writing.

I also plan to take some risks this year with my writing and will be announcing these as their deadlines approach. What do envision will be happening this year?

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