Raven’s starting her second year!!!

Raven’s second year at Legacy Academy has new surprises. She has a new enemy at the Academy. Someone she never expected would be out to hurt her. It’s another year of Lucien, Bo, and the Defenders finding the treachery of the Dark Demons!

Whew, my first year at the academy is over––what a ride.

I found a magical orb that showed me Mom is alive, but I don’t know where she is. 

The only way to find her is for me to master my powers, but I’m failing. If I don’t pass, I’ll be kicked out of school. 

Without my powers, I won’t be strong enough to defeat the Dark Demons and rescue Mom. 

My two handsome princes are still with me. They make it hard to stay focused, but I have to, or Mom will slip through my fingers.

Unfortunately, the Dark Demons are becoming bolder and if I don’t work fast, I could lose everyone I love.

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