Back in the Skis Again


Today, I’m going skiing at Copper Mountain. I have to admit I’m a little nervous. Two years ago, I tore my knee and you guess it – at Copper. I still remember like it was yesterday. I skied down Main Vein, fast, too fast, and flew off of mogul. The minute I was in the air, I knew I was going to wipe out and wipe out bad. My left ski twisted as if someone grabbed it and wrenched it. I slammed into the snow and struggled to move. Nausea hit me, but I kept my breakfast down. Pain throbbed in my knee.
had gotten separated from my friend and no, it was not Eric. Eric is my hero – Prince of the Dragon Demons. I wished he had been there. He would have snapped his fingers and I would have landed safely, but alas, I was alone. Oh, by the way, I left my blackberry in my SUV, because I didn’t want to damage it if I fell. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I could not remember my friend’s number – getting old sucks.
Like an idiot, I stood and my kneecap wobbled like a loose marble. I skied two feet, peered down the mountain and plopped back down. Ski patrol came immediately. I got to be strapped into a toboggan as he pulled me down the mountain. Six weeks later, I had surgery and got to have physical therapy for the next two months. So, yes, skiing again, down Main Vein, makes me nervous. But if you know me at all, you know I’ll do it. Sorry, mom.
This time, I’m bringing my smartphone with me. I plan to ski slowly, or at least that’s the plan. But you know there’s new snow up there and having the wind whip around your face, it’s exhilarating. Wish me luck. Maybe Eric will be there, huh?
I believe without risks life would be dull. This doesn’t mean you have to do something dangerous like shark diving with Great Whites (although that’s something I’d love to do), but I urge you to take the next step whether it’s skiing again after surgery, submitting the manuscript or shark diving. So, what risk are you going to take? I’d love to hear from you.

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