Dark Days in Oklahoma

I’ve worked in schools practicing tornado and fire drills, but yesterday, Oklahoma teachers didn’t practice the drills, they lived them. A couple of years ago, a tornado threatened to hit my school where I was working. Some students were calm, others frightened. A girl held my hand and stayed next to me the whole time. The storm quickly left and the students went home safely. This was in Denver, Colorado where we don’t get many storms. In terms of Oklahoma, it was a baby storm.

I saw pictures of teachers who worked at Plaza Towers Elementary and shock reflected in those eyes. I can imagine the questions running through their minds over deceased students — Is there something else I could have done? Maybe I should have done this? Why didn’t I move quicker?

We’re only human. There’s no Iron Man or Hulk or Superman to save us. No Dean and Sam Winchester to come up and exorcise the bad tornado and send it back to hell. Only us. Only humans trying to help each other. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose.

Rainbow hint
Photo by David R. Farmer

I’m already seeing prayers being sent around on Facebook, texting money to the Red Cross and the National Guard mobilizing. Help is on the way.  We stand behind you Oklahoma. You’re not alone.

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