Picture by Aaron Davis Author
Picture by Aaron Davis Author

Tonight is FACE/OFF. I look forward to Tuesdays to watch my favorite shop on Syfy, especially if I have a hard day ahead of me. Today is one of those days. TCAP starts today and I have a group of students I will be testing. It’s a long day for both students and teachers.  Whenever I have something difficult I have to do, I try to reward myself with something special. Today it’s FACE/OFF.

What’s so special about this show? I like the creations the artists make and am fascinated on what they can get done in three days. And of course, there are the judges. Have to admit I have a crush on Glenn Hetrick. He’s your definite alpha male and tells it like it is. Not as bad as Simon Cowell used to be on American Idol, but he’s a tough judge.

So, when I’m administering the test and the students are struggling, I’ll be thinking of Glenn and FACE/OFF. I can do this. This too will pass. (Mother has ingrained this in me.)

What about you? How do you get past doing something difficult?

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