Hello World

I’m very new at this but am excited about my new website that will be coming out in November. As an unpublished writer, I’m not always sure on how to navigate these waters, but I feel each day I learn how to do something new like blogging. So bare with me on this because its new for me.

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  1. Susan Hahn

    Mary is a close friend of mine. I know, Mary, that you will make it and that your book will be published because of your wonderful imagination combined with your dedication and hard work. I believe in you and your dream. Not to mention those men you write about are hot!
    Love always, Your buddy and a willing reader, Susan

  2. Mary Hagen

    Dear Mary,
    I love your website and your comments. Your pictures are excellent and you look great. Keep up the good work.
    Mary Hagen

  3. MLGuida

    Thanks Mary! I appreciate your support!

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