Hot, Hot, Hot.

August in Colorado. Sometimes the hottest month in the year at the mile high city. I’ve been avoiding mowing my lawn and have been staying inside to cool off, but when I went to water my wilting flowers, my lawn could not be denied.

I hauled out the lawnmower, garbage bag and pooper scooper and tackled it. Avoiding something makes it worse than the task really is, ever notice? Even with extra long blades, I was able to get done within forty minutes. I cut it short, real short.

There’s some tasks around the house I don’t mind doing like cleaning the hardwood floors, doing the dishes or throwing clothes in the laundry. I love to plant flowers and water them. This year I tried growing tomatoes and my little grape tomatoes are surviving. So, are my jalapeno peppers.

I’m now rewarding myself by watching one of my favorite old movies, John Carpenter’s The Thing. Love Kurt Russell.

What tasks do you avoid doing around the house?

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