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Happy Halloween! Or should I say Happy Holloween! I’m excited to announce that readers can win prizes through www.hopswithheart.blogspot.com. I’m personally will be giving away an ebook copy of my new release, Punishment, Angels of Death, to anyone who signs up for my newsletter.


A gust of wind swirled around Blade, churning faster and faster. Dirt and leaves sprayed into his face, stinging his eyes, slapping his cheeks, slipping into his mouth. He gagged and raised his arm, burying his face in the crook of his elbow. Cold penetrated his skin and frosted his bones into brittle icicles. He bent his legs and jumped into the air to fly, but his wings failed to open. Instead of falling, the wind lifted him, spinning him around and around and around, his arms and legs flailing, his stomach churning.

“Balthazar,” he screamed, “Help me.”

But the demon Balthazar refused to answer. Only the wind answered, taunting and hissing his name.

Blade slammed onto the hard ground and rolled and rolled until he banged into something hard. The air was knocked out of him, and pain stabbed his shoulder. He groaned and put his hand on his forehead. Pine branches blew over his head. Between the branches and clouds, the moon played peek-a-boo. He spat out dirt and leaves and inhaled, filling his lungs with sweet mountain air. Where the devil had the Archangel Raphael sent him?

He shook his head and pushed himself off the ground into a sitting position. Pine needles and twigs stuck through his long-sleeved tee-shirt, pricking and scratching his skin.

He brushed the debris. “Why the hell am I in pain? I’m a bloody demon, a fallen angel.”

Raphael shimmered in front of him, his white wings spread out wide, and stared at him with those large silver eyes that always made him squirm. He cocked his eyebrow. “Balthazar? Really, Blade?”

Blade gritted his teeth. “You didn’t think I’d ask for you.”

The full moon rose high into a cloudless sky littered with a million stars. A cool breeze blew the tall pine and aspen trees. He shivered. “Where the hell am I?”

“Frisco, Colorado.”

“Why am I here?”

Raphael shrugged. “For your penance.”

Blade put his hand down and pushed himself up. “My what?” He grimaced. His body ached, but his right shoulder screamed with agony.

“You heard me. Peddling the Hell drug, Xanadu, is a serious offense. You killed innocent people to satisfy your lust for revenge.”

Blade clenched his fists. “If you would have healed Samantha, I wouldn’t have fallen.”

Raphael shook his head; blond strands fell from his loose queue. “I keep telling you, she wasn’t your angel-mate. You never spoke the binding words.”

“I would have if Samantha hadn’t been murdered.”

“Samantha’s death was not Heather’s fault. Heather couldn’t control her client. The man was an addict and refused to accept Heather’s treatment.”

Bitterness swirled in Blade’s mouth. “The bitch shouldn’t have released someone from her rehab center unless he was fully cured.”

Raphael’s eyes glowed. “There’s…somebody else for you.”


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