M.L. Guida’s News: What’s an Undine?



Paracelsus the Mystica first wrote about undines in his alchemical writings and called them elemental beings associated with water. He was an alchemist and believed in the natural healing of the magical world, so he believed they were benevolent in nature. Undines were also found in classical writings, particular in Ovid’s Metamorphoses and later, other writers changed undines into water nymphs.

Even in Greek mythology, undines can be found. They were the sons and daughters of Titan and his wife Tethys. According to my research, sailors considered undines to be more benevolent than mermaids. If you saw Pirates of the Caribbean IV, mermaids lured sailors to their deaths through a sweet song. In Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire, mermaids tempted the contestants by appearing beautiful then turning into nasty creatures.

In European lore, undines are depicted as being female and found in forest streams, pools, or rivers, but in my story, not only can undines live in fresh water, they also can live in salt water.

Undines are not mermaids. Mermaids have tails and souls, but undines have legs and have no soul. However, undines can obtain a soul if they mate with a human. This is the crux of A Pirate’s Obsession. Of course, I add some twists to the legend.

Both undines and mermaids have the power to manipulate water, but differently. Undines can generate water, manipulate water, transform into water and possess supernatural beauty. Mermaids have the power of the siren to lure men to their watery grave. Since they have tails, they are as fast or faster than dolphins. They also have enhanced senses.

In my story, the undies are whimsical and they wear flowing dresses in the water, so bulky dresses don’t wear them down. I won’t reveal all of Angelica’s powers, because I want it to be a surprise. She has two sisters and each of the sisters will have their own book.

The next book in the series is A Pirate’s Bane which will be Angelica’s sister, Isabella. Isabella’s destined mate is a dragon shape shifter—Leif Black.

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