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Sandra Kern's New Book Dream Stalker
Sandra Kern’s New Book Dream Stalker

I’m so excited to have Sandra Kerns, romantic suspense writer. She is here to talk about her first book and about the series. Welcome!

First, thank you, Mary for inviting us to your exciting new Villain Fridays. Believe me, I have several people who will love visiting with your readers. They are always trolling for new victims, er, I mean friends.

1. Tell us about your book and your character.

Dream Stalker, part of the Colorado Skies Series, came out in February of 2013 and is still enjoying good sales. I believe part of the reason for its success is the villain. Here’s the blurb from the back cover. After you read it, continue reading for the villain’s take on some questions.


Janine Chase, a reporter for a small newspaper in Northern Colorado, wakes up terrified. The killer who stalked her dreams when she lived in Philadelphia is back. He killed everyone close to her, almost. He didn’t kill the man she loved, but he did kill the relationship. Her obsession with helping the police catch the killer nearly killed her as well. When she recovered, she moved halfway across the country in hopes of leaving it all behind.

Philadelphia Detective Connor Dawson is dedicated to bringing in his brother’s murderer. The problem is the trail went cold after he arranged a fake obituary for reporter, Janine Chase. The killer had been obsessed with her, and she with him. Connor knew the only way to keep her safe was to make the killer think she was dead. It worked for two years. But recently similar murders have popped up on his radar. The trail leads directly to where Janine relocated. Not a believer in coincidence, Connor fears the killer has found her again. As hard as it will be to see the woman responsible for his brother’s death, he knows it would be worse to know she was dead and he could have stopped it.


Eddie grew up in a foundling home. It was not a pleasant place and he had a hard time of it. He believes the people who brought children there should be punished, and the ones who adopted children away only wanted someone to do work. Love never enters his mind except for his twin sister who was adopted before he even knew about her. As he fulfills his mission to punish the people he believes are bad he also searches for the sister he wants to rescue from the terrible people who adopted her away from him.

I doubt Eddie really appreciates my version of his life, so I will let him answer the rest of the questions.

2. What are you most ashamed of?

If I am ashamed of anything it is failing to take care of my poor sister. The fact that I was a baby myself when she was taken from the home is no excuse. I should have found her and protected her sooner.

3. What is your biggest regret?

Regret? Hmm, that would have to be letting Miss Gertrude live. She’s a vile woman and should have seen the extent of my wrath a long time ago.

4.  Who are you most angry at and why?

Detective Connor Dawson. The man took advantage of my sweet sister. He led her down an evil path and abandoned her. Now he thinks he can come back into her life and take her away again after I’ve just reconnected with her? Never!

5. If a miracle happened tomorrow and things could be different, what would your life look?

My father wouldn’t be sick and my mother wouldn’t have died leaving us in his care. We would all still be together as a happy family. My sister would look at me with love in her eyes and look up to me as her protector. But, I don’t think God has any miracles in store for me.

6.  What are your goals and why?

My goals are to find all the people who abandoned their children, their responsibilities and make them pay. Then, I’ll make the people who bought the children pay again, but this time with their lives. They took all the joy from these poor innocents and God has sent me to avenge the children.

You can see, Eddie has a few issues. One of his biggest problems is he is so smart, but was never guided in the right direction. Though he’s not very social, he enjoys sitting and talking to people over a cup of tea. Just don’t turn your back on him. I hope you find Eddie so interesting you want to read his whole story as it is told in Dream Stalker.

You can also check out the video trailer for it on YouTube: Dream Stalker Video Trailer

My next release in the Colorado Skies Series (due out April 29th) is Eenie, Meanie, Minie, No! and that villain could give Eddie a run for his money.

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Wow, Eddie is a creepy killer. I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley or alone on a Colorado mountain trail. Thanks Sandra for stopping by and sharing your villain. What did you think of Eddie?

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  1. Karalee Long

    Eddie is quite twisted, and I personally despise the fact he’s using such a lovely, innocent beverage to murder people. But Dream Stalker has me hooked, and I can’t wait to read it while drinking my English Breakfast tea.

  2. M.L. Guida

    Sometimes the most gruesome murders are with something so innocent. Baaaaad Eddie!

  3. Sandra


    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I’m sorry about the tea, but Eddie really dislikes coffee (almost as much as his sister loves it).

  4. Jessica Aspen

    I agree with Mary, Eddie sounds creepy. Definitely sounds like an intriguing plot, Sandra!

  5. Sandra

    Thanks Jessica, It was a lot of fun. Hmm, that makes me sound kind of creepy, huh?

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