ML Guida’s News: A Pirate’s Obsession Release Day


Cover for ML Guida's A Pirate's Obsession
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It’s finally released. I’ve worked so long on this one, and I’m so glad it’s release day for A Pirate’s Obsession. This is the fifth book in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix series, and this is where you’ll find out about undines. I fell in love with their myth, but adapted it to fit my story. In the original myth, undines are born without a soul, but when they mate with a human and become pregnant, they obtain a soul and become immortal. In my book, Angelica has a soul, and when she does become pregnant, it’s all about her baby. The demon Zuto has evil plans, and it’s up to Ronan to save his child and the woman he loves. I hope you enjoy it.

Losing his hand to a demon means Ronan Macmillian is desperate. He’ll do anything to avoid being a cripple, even sacrifice to the same demon an innocent, beautiful undine.

Angelica knows Ronan is her mate and is determined to show him he’s a warrior, even if he’s maimed.  She must forsake the sea life she’s always known, and stay out of the clutches of a clever demon, to win the pirate she loves.

But when Ronan meets the beautiful Angelica, restoring his hand and handing over the undine becomes complicated.  If he fails to obey, the demon promises he’ll make him a monster and not even the crew of the Soaring Phoenix will be safe.

Will Ronan betray his honor and his heart and deliver Angelica over to the demon? Or will true love prevail and win Ronan and her life?

Stay tuned: I’m currently working on the fifth book in the series, A Pirate’s Bane, and this time, the hero is a crew member of the Fiery Damsel.



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