The Conjuring

Ed and Lorraine Warren
Ed and Lorraine Warren

Last night I watched The Conjuring about an investigation that Ed and Lorraine Warren did several years ago. Okay, the doll, Annabelle, freaked me out. What were those two nurses thinking? And keeping the doll and other possessed objects in the Warren’s house. They’re braver than I am.

I actually thought this movie was well made. Scary, but some good acting and not campy or gory. This movie was about the characters and how they would defeat the evil. The suspense build up set me on edge and I had to watch to see what would happen. Ed and Lorraine’s love for each other was portrayed not only for each other but their daughter. Their faith in God and in each other was strong.

I’ve always been an admire of Lorraine and Ed. Yes, I’m a paranormal junkie. A Haunting has had several stories of Ed and Lorraine coming to help people who have had demons haunting them and have helped them overcome their nightmares. Most of these were actors playing Ed and Lorraine. However, on Paranormal State, Lorraine actually went on investigations with the team. She has said more than once that when she confronts a demon a little bit of her is taken, but she continues to help people. In the movie, The Conjuring, Lorraine makes an appearance. She doesn’t act, but she is sitting in the audience listening to a Ed and Lorraine’s presentation. Ed passed away several years ago.

In the movie, she was able to see glimpses into the woman’s life of her family on the beach which is important in defeating the evil possessing her.  I’ve not read any stories about Lorraine witnessing heavenly angels, but then people always seem to be more interested in demons than angels. Sad really.

Lorraine has confronted demons and ghosts, but what struck me, was what about angels? With her gift, does she get to see the good along with the bad? Have you heard of any stories about the Warrens investigating and running into angels? If so, I’d love to hear about them.




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