Today: Last Day

Today starts summer vacation. I’m off for two months and looking forward to it. Every year I look forward taking walks, enjoying my summer flowers and sleeping in everyday. Glad to not be getting up at 5:00 am! Retire the alarm clock.

My dean of students is taking off for a beach vacation and I’m jealous. I’d love to go to the ocean. Haven’t been there for awhile. So, what did I do? Came home and watched JAWS 2. Yes, I like the second one too.

Scuba diving sounds great, but I’ll have to wait on my dream vacation. Need to save some money. So, I have a fun alternative. The mountains. I love Colorado’s mountains. Smell the pine air. Sadie and I love to take our walks in the mountains. There’s a trail to a little lake, Rainbow Lake, by our cabin and looking forward to walking it this summer.

Beautiful Colorado!
Beautiful Colorado!


What about you? What are you looking foward to this summer?

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