Vetern’s Day – Stand Proud

I would like to thank all of the vetern’s who have served our country and believe we should support them.  Regardless on whether you support the wars, these men are husbands, uncles, sons and nephews and they are risking their lives to defend our country.  My nephew wants to join the ROTC in college and although I am proud of him, I am  worried.  I want him to return safe and sound.

We need to welcome soldiers home and provide jobs or retraining if needed.  Treatment services should be offered needed, not only for them but their families.

My uncle Richard Smith, a marine and a helicopter pilot, served in Vietnam.   Several years ago, he died of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Disease due to exposure to agent orange.  He left behind a wife, his two daughters and four grandchildren.  Two of them he has never seen.  I miss you, uncle.


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