Attack of the Killer Seatbelts

by cellar_door_films
by cellar_door_films



Yesterday, I drove six hours in the car with a killer seatbelt biting into my sunburn. Yes, I know seatbelts save lives. But its like riding in a rollercoaster with the bar jamming into you and the strap pinning you to the seat. I adjusted the seatbelt, fought with it. Wore it the wrong way (pulling my arm through and pushing the seatbelt down onto my hip), because I was tired of it choking and biting me.

The one in the backseat was a little more calm than the one if the front seat. I know its job is to protect me, but that doesn’t mean rubbing my skin off or choking me. The car is working with the front seatbelt and dings if you don’t put the seatbelt on. Apparently, the car doesn’t care if the backseat belt is worn. Those people must be expandable.

Needless to say, I preferred the gentler seatbelt who was not trained by the Nazi’s to kill me. I was able to read my kindle and enjoy the drive through New Mexico.

Have you ever had a Nazi trained seatbelt attack you in the car? How did you survive it? My mother actually tied a piece of Velcro around hers and pushes it away from her neck. Tried that. Didn’t work. Ideas?

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