Betrayal, Angels of Death: Featured on Free Kindle Books and Tips

Betrayal, Angels of Death is featured on Free Kindle Books and Tips. This book starts off the series in the Angels of Death. What would you do if the Angel Death came and said change or die? Investigating a line of grisly murders, Heather Bowen will soon have to answer this question.


ML Guida's Betrayal cover

Scythe’s brother, Blade, is a renegade angel bent on exacting revenge. If Scythe doesn’t stop him from killing an innocent woman, Blade will become a demon and Scythe will be forced to kill his own brother. When Scythe tracks him to sexy psychic, Heather Bowen, worldly desires take him over and he realizes—she must be his angel-mate.
Heather has been dreaming of a red-eyed dealer peddling a psychotic drug to her clients. When her sister is accused of murdering an old woman and dies soon after, Heather is determined to find out what happened. The only way to clear her sister’s name is to trust an angel of death—the same angel who was there when her sister died—the same angel who did nothing to stop her sister killing herself.
Unable to stop the attraction drawing them together Heather and Scythe must forgive each other—and themselves—to save their siblings’ souls or Heather herself may face death by a demon.

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