Busy Month and Week

This week is Colorado Romance Writers’ Conference at Indian Tree Golf Course. Kara Lennox is the main speaker.  She has written numerous books and publishes through Harlequin. Kara also teaches on line classes, and I have taken her synopsis class which is fantastic. If you get a chance, take one of her on line classes. Many times, she is featured on CRW’s online classes.  Kristin Sevick, TOR editor, is coming to take pitches. She is looking at all genres for TOR.

Attending conferences is a great method to promote yourself as a writer. Networking is essential. Whether you are published or prepublished, you need to market yourself and attending writing conferences is one way to do this. Gone are the days when publishing houses promoted your work.  This is one way you can meet editors, agents and fellow writers and learn about the buzz of the industry. 

Writing is a lonely business and the harpies whispering in your ear can be daunting.  Writng conferences are also a great way to get support from your fellow writers. I hope to see many of you attend the conference.

Colorado Romance Writers’ Heart of the Rockies Contest for unpublished writers is now open. This allows pre-published authors to get their manuscript ahead of the slush piles. We have some wonderful editors and agents who will be judging the finalists. Check out CRW’s website.

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