Taking Risks

Diving with great white sharks, jumping out of an airplane or climbing Mt Everest are all thrill seeking adventures that get your blood pumping and heart racing. I don’t know about you but pitching to an editor, agent or entering a contest makes my heart beat over time. Sometimes I don’t even remember what I’m pitching.

On May 21, 2011 at Indian Tree Golf Course in Arvada, Colorado, Kristin Sevick, publisher from TOR, will be taking pitches. This is your chance to take a risk. Sure, she might not request your manuscript, but the point is for you to practice being comfortable with talking to an agent or publisher. She is looking for that next New York Best Selling author for TOR. Maybe it’s you.

Believe in yourself and your work. There are plenty of authors – Stephen King, Sherrilyn Kenyon and J.K. Rowling – who did not get published the first time they got published. Thirty rejections appear to be the magic number. That’s how long it took these three to get published and now… Well, what number are you on? I’m only half way through and will not give up. Each time, I pitch to an agent, publisher or enter a contest, I’m one step closer to being discovered. So, I encourage you to come to the conference and meet Kristin. Sell your manuscript. Take the risk! I am.

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  1. Hillary Seidl

    AMEN!! I love it! <3 It's a game of resilience! Your awesome Mary!

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