Christmas Meme? I’ve been tagged

I’ve been tagged by Santa!

Christmas Meme is “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.  Below are some questions Santa wanted answered.  I hope answer them right and don’t lose a present under the tree.

1.  Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?

My favorite Eggnog drink is Starbuck’s Nonfat Eggnog Cafe latte.  I look forward to it every year.  In fact, I had one today!

2.  Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree?  He sets them under the tree.  There’s something magical about running down the hall and seeing them spread out around the living room.

3.  Colored lights on the house or tree or white?

I do like the white lights, but I like a mix.  My tree has a string of both and I believe these make it soft.  I enjoy looking at my tree and all of my ornaments.

4.  Do you hang mistletoe?

No, this has never been a family tradition for me.  If Johnny Depp were in the room, I’d hang one over his head.

5.  When do you put your decorations up?

The day after Thanksgiving.  Most years, my mom and my niece help me decorate.  It’s a great female bonding exercise.

6.  What is your favorite holiday dish?

Since I’m Italian, we always have either gnocchi or ravioli and I prefer gnocchi.  Yummy.  This is another bonding exercise when my mom, aunt, sister and niece all together and make homemade ravioli or gnocchi.  We usually have Starbucks and laugh.

7.  When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?

I watched the movie – Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  Fred Astaire answered all of my questions.  You’re not saying he lied are you?

8.  Do you open a gift or Christmas Eve?

No gifts are open until Christmas Eve, but my Uncle does make his famous fudge and candy.  Does that count?

9.  How do you decorate your tree?

I have ornaments from all my travels and love looking at them.  I have multicolored and white lights on it.  I’m a Disney nut so I have Eeyore, Pooh, Mickey and many of their friends on it.

10.  What tops your tree?  An golden angel holding a white rose.

11.  Which do you prefer receiving or giving?

I do like receiving gifts, but I love giving my nieces and nephews their gifts.  When they rip them open on Christmas day, the joy in their eyes makes my heart warm.  I love being the good auntie.

12.  Snow love it or Dread it?

I love snow, especially on Christmas.  Plus, I’m a skier so I love swishing down the mountain.  As a school social worker, there’s nothing like a snow day.

13.  Candy canes:  Yuck or Yummy?  I love them in small quantities.

14.  Do you remember your favorite gift?

Yes, when I was in third grade, I remember running down the hall and there were three stuffed St. Bernard dogs sitting on the couch.  One for me, my sister and my brother.  I also got Look-around-Velvet, one of my favorite dolls.  She could grow her blond hair short or long.  My sister and I used to play with our dolls for hours.  It was a great Christmas.

15.  What is your favorite Holiday tradition?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m Italian.  One of the traditions we have is eating fish on Christmas Eve.  It is called the Feast of the Seven Fishes.  When I was kid, I used to hate it, but now, I appreciate it.  We have smelts, shrimp, cod, perch, hot garbanzo beans and spaghetti with anchovies.  One of my gifts to my mother is allowing her to cook the fish at my house so her house doesn’t smell like fish on Christmas.  Once again, we have Starbucks and laugh.

16.  What is your favorite holiday dessert?

Christmas Cookies!  I love pizzelles, an Italian flat cookie, and Mexican Wedding Balls.  I can’t just eat one.  I love my Uncle’s toffee.  Yummy!

17.  What is the important thing about the holidays for you?

I love being with friends and family.  It becomes a special magic for me.  I also love to buy a gift for a child at a church.  Christmas is for children, and every child should receive one gift that brings a special smile to their face.

18.  What is your favorite Christmas show?

This is a hard one, because I have so many.  But one that stands out is Family Man with Nicholas Cage.  Nicholas Cage reminds me of my brother in this show and always brings a smile to my face.  My brother never wanted kids and now he has two – a boy and a girl – who he adores.  He’s a great father and loves to play with his kids.  One of my favorite memories is when his little girl opened a gift and received a stuffed animal pillow.  She squealed with delight and ran over to hug him.  She’s definitely daddy’s little girl and my Tinkerbell.

19.  What is your favorite Christmas song?

Hark the Hearld’s Sing.  I love Amy Grant’s version.

20.  What is your saddest Christmas song?

Definitely Christmas Shoes.  I watch the show with Rob Lowe every year and cry.  The little boy in the song reminds me of one of my nephews.  Each time I hear it, I think of him.  He’s my beast.  Number 30.


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