Happy Valentine’s Day

Today Cupid pulls back on his bow and shoots an arrow into someone’s heart. So, the tail goes. Valentine’s Day is full of hearts and flowers. Red roses and dark chocolates would be my preference. Throw in a bottle of a wine and it would be a perfect day for me.
So, let’s talk kisses. When was your first kiss? Mine was when I was fourteen years old behind my parents’ garage. I can’t remember if I snuck out to meet him or not. Am I really getting that old? Hope not. Like all of my heroes, he had long hair. He was a cutie. I still remember what he wore – a red jersey football uniform. I want say the number was twenty-four, but I could be dead wrong. He was my first real boyfriend.
I just recently had a high school reunion. Or should I say I missed it? But now, I’m following classmates on Facebook. It’s interesting to see old faces and think about the dances we attended. We sometimes had Valentine’s Day dances, but I remember more the Lady Hawkins dances. Those were fun, but painful. I asked one guy out and he had yes, but later called me and said no. Basically, he was waiting for someone else, but didn’t want to be left out in the cold. Wow, I always wondered if I was second best or third or fourth down the line. To tell you the truth, I don’t miss those days. What about you? Got any memories of those dances?
Remember the elementary parties? I remember we competed to see who got the most valentine cards, but my favorite part was the little Dolly Madison ice cream cups with the tiny wooden spoon. We used to wait all day for the big moment of exchanging valentines and eating ice cream. Those were the simple days.
Now, I like to curl up with a good romance book and drink a glass of red wine. I’m reading Sylvia Day’s A Touch of Crimson. It’s all about angels and fallen angels who become vampires. Interesting huh? Anyway, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and tip my glass of wine to you!

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