End of 2013

Buffalo Mountain Press
Buffalo Mountain Press

The end of 2013 is upon us and like many of you, I’m reflecting my eventful year. Like any new business, I had both successes and failures. My dream had been to have my book, A Pirate’s Curse, published with a publisher, but this was dream never materialized. I almost gave up until I got some tough medicine from my critique partner, friends and family. I relooked at my rejections and realized that A Pirate’s Curse did not fit into any box so I made the bold decision to self-publish and have never regretted my decision.

A Pirate's Curse, Legends of the Soaring Phoenix
A Pirate’s Curse, Legends of the Soaring Phoenix

I’m always amazed on how the old adage— when one door closes, another opens— is still true today.

My goals have changed about pursuing the bigger publishers and enjoy self-publishing since I can control my own destiny. I have found a great editor and cover artists. For this next year, I plan on publishing two more Legends of the Soaring Phoenix books and another Christmas novella.

I didn’t completely abandon publishers and am pleased to announce that I’m with Lyrical Press and will have a new release, Dark Promise, in March.


Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want and we either have to take lemons and make lemonade or succumb to defeat. The old adages have survived because they’re true. The economy is pushing us whether you’re a writer or another profession to make different choices. Sometimes its depressing and scary and there is always the risk of losing. Some of my friends and family struggle each day to survive and I wish the economy would change. For this next year, I’m hoping the economy improves so people can live without the fear of losing their homes or at least give people opportunities like self-publishing did me, to give them a different option. Today is the last day for 2013. What did it bring you? What do you hope for 2014?

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