My Super Smart Sister

I have an electric lawn mower and I had it plugged into the outlet outside, but it died. I kept fooling with it and realized, duh, unplug it so I didn’t become stubby. Nothing wrong with blade, but grass stuck in it. Tried re-plugging it. Went into melt down mode. I have no money for a new lawn mower. Wait, the rational brain said, maybe its the outlet. So, I ran the cord into the house and yup, the lawnmower worked.

After fighting with three feet grass, I finally got done and put away the lawnmower, the long electrical cord, scooper pooper and gardening tools, only to discover the garage door won’t shut. All I could think about was some coming inside the house and I don’t have a Dean Winchester to shoot him. Great.

Dean I took


I went to the breaker, but no, it didn’t work. Now, I’m definitely mechanical and technical challenged so I remembered the dumb outlet in the bathroom with the retest red button and black button. Yup, it’s tripped. Now what? Do you push in the red button or the black button? I tried to read it. Can’t read it too blind with the contact in. Have to take contact out. It’s the red one. Won’t reset.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

Tomorrow is Kristen Lamb’s conference. I’ll have to release the garage door and push it up in the morning. I’ll be hot and sweaty. My hair will have to be dried in the living room and will look stupid. I call dad. Doesn’t know what to do. Tried to reach my brother in-law the carpenterĀ and can’t reach him. Plus, the house is a pit. Do I have to clean to get the stupid breaker fixed?

Crap. Crap. Crap.

I call my sister. Little did I know she’s secretly a you-tube junkie and knows how to fix anything in the house by watching you tube. Did I mention she’s a Virgo? Yup, organized. Knows what to do. I’m an Aquarian, Unorganized, Hysterical.

Holly, Theresa and I
Smart sister the blonde, smart niece and crazy Aquarian

My sister said stick a screwdriver into the red button. At first, it didn’t work. But I tired again. Wowize! My sister’s a genius. The garage door works. I can blow dry my hair in the bathroom. And I won’t be sweaty for the conference! Who needs Dean Winchester when I got my super smart sister!

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  1. Jessica Aspen

    Mary, you need your sister there 24-7 to fix these issues! LOL Good thing she’s there to help!

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