Happy Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day again. Can you feel it? Love and romance are in the air, beckoning you to plunge into a whirlwind fling or rekindle a current one. Don’t have a partner? What better way to fill that void than reading a romance novel?

I’m single and instead of feeling miserable about being alone on Valentine’s Day, I like to dive into a romance book and¬†explore a world where I find the perfect guy. My perfect guys are far from perfect. Flawed, brooding males attract me whether they’re a highlander, outlaw, pirate or vampire.

Currently, I’m reading historical romances and young adult romances. I’m a judge in the Colorado Romance Writer’s Award of Excellence contest. Being a judge allows me to read new books and exposes to me new authors like Anthea Sharp. I read her book Feyland, The Bright Court, last year and loved it.¬†Isn’t that a great cover?



So, if you’re sitting home alone, grab a romance book. Perhaps one of Anthea Sharp’s books or maybe you prefer dark paranormal romance and would want to read one of mine…Whatever you do, don’t be alone on Valentine’s Day. Read a great novel that will take you to a world of romance. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Now, what book did you pick?

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