M.L. Guida’s Guest Author: Brynna Curry

I’d like to welcome guest author, Brynna Curry. She writes about wizards, shifters, and vampires. I invited her to write about a real paranormal experience…
Brynna Curry
Brynna Curry
The Quaker
When I was twelve, my family moved to Waynesboro, Tennessee so my father could start a new job as the band director. We rented this big white farm house with an attic.
About six miles from the center of town, the home was surrounded by pastures and woods and featured a wrap around porch with a big swing shaded by an old magnolia tree. My parents left me to my own devices most of the time and I would often stretch out on the porch-swing with a book and my cat, Panther. It was the safest place in the house.
Our landlord told us no one had lived their since her father had died in his study. She locked the door to the room and told my parents it was completely off limits. No one was allowed in there. Now to a very curious child that’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. I just had to know why. So I discovered one of the blinds that blocked anyone from seeing in through the windows had a few slats missing. I peeked through the window only to find a room with old furniture, dust and black stains on the floor by the desk. Just a room. Nothing special except every time I looked in that window, something had been moved.
Over the months we lived there, I was always on edge. The attic and parlor were other ‘off limits’ zones, at least for me. I could not be in those rooms. The smell of the air, the heaviness of the atmosphere freaked me out, but only me. It never bothered anyone else, well except for the cat. She would run across the doorway to the foyer to get in my room and never would venture into that part of the house. We often heard scraping, bumps upstairs that had no explanation.
Then one night, there were severe thunderstorms. Drenching rain, lightning, and thunder. At exactly 9:04 p.m. (I remember the time because its the same time as my birth.) the power flickered then went out. Panther, who always slept at the foot of my bed, started shrieking eerily and curled up on my chest, right over my heart. She was staring out the window at something in the rain. I looked towards the windows and there in the rain stood a man. He had scraggly gray hair, a black quaker looking hat and a dark coat on. It was pouring rain but it seemed to fall around him, not on him. His eyes were startling blue and terrible. Even now, I can see his face. I couldn’t breathe. I was terrified. It seemed as if he were there for me, but could not come through the glass and Panther’s screech seemed to scare it. We sat locked that way for a full minute before the image vanished, the cat calmed and the power flicked back on. There was no one there. The next day I gathered my courage and checked the ground which was mushy from the rain held no footprints…none. Have you ever been so scared you couldn’t scream? Yeah. Black cats are very lucky. Very lucky.
What is the scariest, weirdest spooky thing you’ve experienced.
Creepy, Brynna. Especially the Quaker’s blue eyes! Glad you had a buddy.

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