M.L. Guida’s Guest Author: Cd Brennan

I’d like to welcome Cd Brennan. She is a fellow author at Lyrical Press and has a new release out. This is her second book in the Love Where You Roam series—A WORLD APART

Cd Brennan's New Release
Cd Brennan’s New Release

  She left home to find herself…and found love along the way. Lizzy travels to Scotland to track down her roots, hoping where she comes from will help her figure out where she needs to go. An Aussie girl through and through, tough as nuts and a bit wild, she believes there’s nothing so wonderful as a world seen through wine-tinted glasses… …until she meets Hottie Hamish, Bridge of Allan’s most eligible bachelor. Hamish is Lizzy’s polar opposite in every way. He’s serious, driven, and motivated, focused on becoming the youngest associate professor at the Glasgow School of Art. But he’s hiding a social phobia behind his gruff exterior that makes it almost impossible to connect with people… …until he meets Lost Lizzy, all sunshine and lightness, an Australian beauty with the proverbial heart of gold. Where they come from may be worlds apart, but atop a Scottish Munro, they begin to realize where they’re going is best traveled side by side. CONTENT WARNING: Graphic descriptions of haggis ingredients. Just side note, Cd, I’ve eaten haggis and liked it, but it needed seasoning! Lots of seasoning. At an added bonus, her first book, Watershed, is on sale for $.99 for a limited time (July 20th – July 26th). WATERSHED_NA_JulySale

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