M.L. Guida’s Haunts: Strong Heroines

I’m excited that Destination America’s A Haunting has brand new episodes. A Haunting has always been one of my favorite television series. I like the new and the old episodes, but what I like the best about the show are the strong female heroines. Instead of cowering in the corner or relying on a man to protect them, the women confront the dark forces to protect their families or loved ones.  In the episode Demon Child, Jan Foster is determined to save her six year old son who is under the influence of a demon. After meeting with a shaman, Jan uses sage to bless her home to exorcise the demon. Although she is frightened,  she faces the demon alone. Strong heroines are not reckless. They do not want to rush into danger, but if they do not confront danger, something worse will happen. In many of A Haunting episodes female heroines are forced to confront evil. For instance, Lorraine Warren has been in many of these stories. She offers courage and support to those under oppression. In the episode Where Demons Dwell, Debbie Glatzel and Arnie Johnson do not know what to do when Debbie’s younger brother is under attack from a demon. They contact Ed and Lorraine Warren to figure out how to help their brother. Lorraine is a psychic and can see demons. (Not a gift I would want) But she uses it to help others. She gives advice for people to stick together, drawing on each other’s strength, while they wait for an exorcism. I have not seen an episode yet where the women are too stupid to live such as in the slasher movies. These women are survivors. Sometimes they are forced to leave a home, but they never do without a fight. What is your favorite A Haunting?

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