M.L. Guida’s Haunts: Mom’s Resident Psychic

My mom’s dog, Daisy, has a new talent: we think she sees ghosts. She stops playing with her toys, ears pick up, body turns and eyes focus. Not on us. But something¬†else.

Daisy at the cabin with my niece.
Daisy at the cabin with my niece.

She reminds me of Ghost Hunter Jason Hawes’ dog, Maddie. Like Daisy, Maddie raises her hackles and pricks her ear. According to Hawes, she zooms in on slight movements.

Mom has reported Daisy’s unusual behavior and I thought it was interesting until I witnessed her behavior. I sat on the couch with my dad and behind the couch is the entry way. Daisy stared behind us and froze, only her eyes moved, hackles up. Not on dad and me, but on whatever was behind us. Creepy.

I crossed the room and she didn’t flinch. I looked over at dad and didn’t see anything, but the atmosphere changed. Goosebumps ran over me and the air was heavier. Now, was this my imagination. Maybe. Or something more? Maybe.

My cocker spaniel has stayed with my parents when I’m gone and mom reports that when Daisy stares off, Sadie does not follow her behavior. Either my dog is not psychic, Daisy’s psychic or a spooky dog.

If anyone is outside or a dog walks by, Daisy growls and barks her head off. She is hypersensitive to anything outside. So, why the silence?

Daisy freaks my mom out and she doesn’t know what to think. She’s worried and worried it could be something evil. What do you think? Your pets do anything usual?


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