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                                                                                                                  Stanley Hotel

Little Stanley hotel


The beautiful Stanely Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is supposed to be haunted. Many paranormal investigators have investigated the hotel including Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures.  Stephen King made the hotel famous when he based his book, The Shining, on it. Redrum. redrum, redrum became a legendary phrase. Along with Jack Nicholson’s famous line – Here’s Johnny. In fact, the Stanley has a picture of Jack Nicholson holding his ax and peering through the broken down door.

In the minature Stanley house, I always picture Danny in King’s book. He was playing in it when he felt something in the house with him. Something chased him, creeping over leaves, reaching for him as he escaped through the front doors. One of the scariest moments in the book.

With the hardwood floors, old fashioned elevator and antique furniture, the Stanley is a must see. Elk and wildlife often visit the hotel. In fact, when I was leaving today, I saw a coyote. But one of my favorite features is the elegant staircase.  The staircase is the first thing you see when you open the front doors and step in the Stanley’s lobby. You have to be a guest to go upstairs unless you are on one of their ghost tours.

Staircase at the stanley
Staircase at the Stanley Hotel

One of the ghosts said to be haunting the place is Mrs. Stanely. She loved to play the piano and in the music room, the piano will play by itself.

Fireplace in the music room stanley
Fireplace in the music room
Piano in music room
The spirit of Ms. Elizabeth Stanley is said to be play the piano.

I have been at this beautiful hotel, many times, but have never seen a ghost. However, next year, my friends and I have decided to take one of their ghost tours to see if we will see a ghost. I read a caption at that hotel that read: You might not see a ghost, but this doesn’t mean the ghosts don’t see you. Eerie!  So maybe next year, I’ll be posting a photo of a ghost!

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