ML Guida’s News: Upcoming release A Knight’s Terror

Big News!  The second wave of Kathryn LeVeque’s World of de Wolfe Pack is on it’s way September 6th and I’m going to be part of it. There are seventeen talented authors participating in the launch!


A time travel medieval novella!
A time travel medieval novella!

This novella is the beginning of a new series—Legends of the Black Rose.

1260, Scotland: Dragon Knight, Duncan Sheehy, believes his dragon mate is dead and happiness has escaped him forever until he meets Holly Duff—a woman from the future who challenges everything he has ever held sacred.

An archangel flings graduate student Holly Duff through time from 2016 to the twelfth century. She discovers she’s not only the lost descendant of William de Wolfe and Lady Jordan, but a Keeper—a woman powerful enough to destroy the first chapter of the Devil’s Diary. To return to the twenty-first century she must stop Duncan’s traitorous brother who plans to enslave both their worlds.

Duncan soon learns that he was wrong about his dragon mate being dead and she’s very much alive—and determined to return to the twenty first century. Forced to work together, Holly and Duncan must mate to save the innocent and learn true love is timeless.


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