ML Guida’s News: Kindle Worlds

Have you ever heard of Kindle Worlds? I had never of them before until my fellow writer, Aidy Award, told me about it. Kindle Worlds is actually a publication platform with a twist. I will be writing a story that is based on a world created by another author. In this case, the fabulous and talented Katheryn Le Veque! Her world is called World of De Wolfe Pack. (Another tidbit, she uses my same cover artist: Kim Killion.)

The first one that starts it all!
The first one that starts it all!

I love this story and can hardly wait to join her wonderful world of knights from Scotland and English. My story doesn’t have to be based in Medieval times; it can be based out on the open seas, so my decedent could be a pirate. (Or maybe not.)

I’m reading Le Veque’s book right now, so I haven’t started mine, but my wheels are turning in motion. One thing I can tell you: They’ll be dragons.

If you get a chance, read her story. I have a hard time putting this one done. It’s long, but well worth it.

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