ML Guida’s Teaser: Madness Unleashed

Here’s a teaser from my new release. In a dark parking lot…

Hera blinked. Great balls of fire! An orange dragon with the most intense golden tiger eyes glared at them. His eyes reminded her of her earlier rescuer. The creature was bigger than Desmond’s SUV. It pulled back its lips into a snarl, revealing sharp teeth, and its tail twitched.

“Oh, God,” she whispered. She trembled uncontrollably and held on tight to her purse–the only weapon she had.

Desmond’s friends edged backward. The blood drained from their stricken faces.

“Holy shit!”

“What is that thing?”

Their voices were barely a whisper.

“It can’t be real. It can’t be real. It can’t be real,” Desmond repeated, as if saying it would make the creature disappear.

The beast took a step closer.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” one of his minions cried. Like frighten cockroaches, they fled in different directions, abandoning Desmond.

The beast snorted, and smoke puffed out its flaring nostrils.

Desmond slid across the building. “Please don’t hurt me.” His plea sounded as pitiful as hers had.

A stream of fire spurted out of the dragon’s mouth, igniting Desmond’s jacket. He ran after his friends, beating the flames and screaming.

Holy Mary of God, she was next. Hera ran, her heart beating faster than a cornered rabbit’s.

But then the beast lunged. In a split second, it transformed–scales disappearing to smooth flesh, eyes and nose changing from beast to man. Great horny toads, it was her handsome hero from the bar.

He blocked her path, then seized her shoulders, pinning her to the wall. “I told you, you’re mine.”

Deadly Aliens. Desperate Dragons. Dangerous Times.


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