Colorado Legend Dies

Barry Fey
Barry Fey 1939 – 2013

I heard about Barry Fey’s death on my way to work today on the Mountain 99.5. Mike Casey was talking about it and sadness gripped me. When I was in my teens and especially in my twenties, I used to attend rock concerts, the majority of them produced by Barry Fey. He was an icon and a legend. He put Colorado on the map and drew large bands to the Rocky Mountains who otherwise might have passed us over.

Red Rocks Amphitheater is now sought after by all types of bands. I saw so many great acts at Red Rocks including Tom Petty, the Moody Blues, Def Leppard  and Journey. Sitting at the rocks and listening to great music while looking down at Denver’s soft lights is a magical moment. One of my favorite rock videos was U2 playing at Red Rocks. They had just gotten started and some of my friends had attended that concert. Dan Mitchell, another DJ on the Mountain, said Barry and Bono were good friends.

Mike Casey was talking about the Sundays and I have to admit I missed those. Sundays were five or six bands and there was always a main act and they were my favorite. My friends and I would go to CU Stadium, drink beer, lay out in the sun and listen to a long list of rock stars. My top favorite Sundays were the Eagles and Van Halen.

I read Barry broke his hip and it wasn’t healing. I’m not sure if that’s what caused his death, but in looking at his past life, he lived a magical one. I didn’t know Barry but I benefited from his hard work and hope he’s in a better place. Maybe he’s jamming with Jimmy Hindrix and Janis Joplin!

Colorado salutes you Barry. Or should I say rock on! We’ll always remember you.

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