I’m excited because Nation Novel Writing Month starts next week. I’m still editing and writing the sequel, A Pirate’s Revenge and hope to have it ready for the editor in December. William’s story is definitely coming along. He’s deep into struggling with his new powers and of course, doesn’t want him. It’s up to Mariah, a witch, to help him how to accept and control them without killing the crew of the Soaring Phoenix. Oh by the way, Zuto’s not alone in this book, he’s got a pesky side kick. One that gives him fits!



But next week, I’ll be starting to write on Ronan’s story. I have it outlined. He’s in a mess of hurt due to Zuto. Zuto just keeps throwing anchors overboard to keep Kane and his crew from reaching their goal. I won’t tell you what Zuto does, but it’s dark. Ronan has to make tough choices to get what he wants. I’m hoping to have this one out the summer of 2014 and the cover should be coming out soon.



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