Super Shark and Sharknado

photo by Lynn Kelley Author
photo by Lynn Kelley Author


Nothing like shark week, especially on Syfy. I love their movies. Super shark can walk on the beach. By the way, apparently, a beach umbrella is useless against super shark. So, are bullets. And a tank. What would happen if it got sucked into the sharknado? It wouldn’t die.

This means, super shark could go anywhere. It responds to radio waves so if it happened upon a rock concert in LA, then it would be at a smorgasbord.

Today, Syfy is starting off shark week with Super Shark, ( of course), 2-Headed Shark Attack, Sharktopus and of course, Sharknado.

Besides JAWS. It’s still rates top on my list, but a two-headed shark. I saw how they made the beast. Very interesting. What is your favorite shark movie?

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