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What I have found in this crazy world of publishing is how important support is needed for authors. Authors ride a rollercoaster that has ups and downs, twirls and falls, and without it, the rollercoaster would fly off the tracks. I recently got a rejection letter which of course always hurts, but I had a rally of supporters who encouraged me to get back on the horse and submit again to another publisher. It would be so easy to throw in the towel, sit in the mud and pout or walk away, but my friends, family and co-workers continue to urge me to keep writing.


I don’t know how solo authors navigate through this business. When the negative reviews, rejection letters and contests critiques bombard us, we need to know that there is a hand we can grab to pull us out of the sinking quicksand. I’d like to thank all of my supporters, especially my wonder critique partner, Jessica Aspen. She is the driving light that shines through the dark times. She is an amazing author and you could check out her new release, Snow and the Seventh Wolf, at Passion in Print or on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


I met Jessica through Colorado Romance Writers and I have found so many wonder supporters through this group. Many of them have become life long friends. I encourage authors to join a writing group that will help you ride the rollercoaster and stay on those tracks. CRW meets once a month on the second Saturday. Their website is  Thanks again everyone for your support.


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  1. Jessica Aspen

    You are so sweet! I love having you as my critique partner and don’t forget you hold my hand when I’m down in the dumps. Thanks for the wonderful words and for being my CP!

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