Scare This Morning…


Houdini Dog
Houdini Dog
She crawls underneath the Houdini Deck and you can't see her. Today, I couldn't hear her.
She crawls underneath the Houdini Deck and you can’t see her. Today, I couldn’t hear her.


Today I was working in the yard, mowing, pulling weeds and trimming bushes and left my gate open. The little snuggle bunny, Sadie, never leaves the yard and she’s stays with me. I was busy fighting with the stubborn weeds when I noticed she was gone. I called and called for her, but she didn’t answer.

Total panic gripped me. I have raccoons behind me, coyotes roam around my neighborhood and the canal flowing behind me is moving fast. What if she got attacked? My friend’s cat was ripped apart by raccoons. Not to the count number of dog and cat meals coyotes have feasted on.

I trotted down the path we usually take for walks a couple of times, hoping she’d gone this way, but still couldn’t find her. Went and got my car and did a couple of drive bys in the neighborhood, but couldn’t find her. Where is she?

I re-checked my backyard, but still couldn’t find her. Offered her treats. No answer. I called in the family troops and they were going to help me look for her when who comes stepping gingerly out of the yard, but the snuggle bunny.

Instead of beating or yelling her, I grabbed her and hugged her tight. She had been a good girl. Must have been hiding underneath the deck which you can’t tell if she’s there or not. Relief flooded me. Keeping her close to me. The Great Houdini.

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