I’ve found a new book called Believable Characters Creating with Enneagrams by Laurie Schnebly.  Enneagrams are what the CIA and FBI use to make profiles of suspects, but this books shows authors how to profile their characters.  There are eight different character types.  Each chapter describes their strengths, weaknesses, relationships and backgrounds.  If you are struggling with character development, this is a must have book.

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  1. Hillary Seidl

    Thank you for suggesting this! I’m going to buy this book right now!

    Hillary Seidl

  2. MLGuida

    The book helps you interview your characters in order to do a sketch and gives you an idea on how the characters will respond any given situation.

  3. Ashley March

    Sounds interesting–thanks, Mary! I’m starting to think I’m going to have to have a wish list just for all the writing books I want. =)

  4. Kay Alber

    Upon your previous recommendation I bought the book and I’m using it faithfully. It helped make my hero into a nicer man as I followed his number. I changed him from a 1 to an 8 and that was an even a more noticeable and positive change. He was kind of a mean wimp before that. (I also did numbers on myself and learned a lot) 🙂

    Thanks, Kay

  5. Karalee Long

    Mary, this sounds like a fascinating book. Used by the FBI and CIA? Yep, that’s a must-have book. I’ll put it on my shopping list. Thanks for the tip. — Karalee

  6. Lori Corsentino

    This is an awesome tool that has really helped me with my character development! Thanks so much for sharing.

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