Heroes are:
– Josh Nowlan who shielded his friends with his body and took the bullets.
– Stephanie Davies, who after her friend was shot in the theater, holds her fingers on her friend’s neck to stop her from her bleeding to death.
– Matt McQuinn and Jansen Young who threw their girlfriends on the floor and used their bodies to shield them from flying bullets.
– Eighteen year old Devon Suits who grabs a screaming unknown woman and drags her out of theater, saving her life.
– All the Colorado firemen who fought roaring forest fires, risking their lives to save people’s homes and rescuing terrified horses left behind.
– Aurora police officers who rush into a theater, not knowing where a masked shooter is to save the innocent.
– Aurora police officers, bomb technicians and fire fighters who enter a booby trapped apartment to disarm bombs.
– Emergency personnel – doctors, surgeons, nurses, paramedics – who stay all up night, working to save the wounded and comforting the grieving family members.
– Pastors, social workers, psychologists and counselors who volunteer to comfort those families who lost their loved ones in a needless shooting.
– Fort Carson soldiers who fight for our right to be free.

These are the true everyday heroes that reside in Colorado. We do not need Batman, Spiderman or the Avengers. The unsung heroes are people, just people, who when they see people in trouble, forget about their own safety, and do what needs to be done.
I remember Columbine and the acts of heroism. The principal, Frank DeAngelis, shoved two terrified girls into a closet and told them to the lock the door, saving their lives. Although this was only one example, other heroes emerged from the shootings – students and teachers helping each other escape.
The cowards are:
– Armed men who fire on innocent people at movie theaters, universities, high schools, restaurants and businesses.
– People who set forest fires.
– Looters who are ransacked homes that are in endangered of being burned.
– Men who hijack planes and fly them into buildings.
Unfortunately, we do not need comic book villains – the Joker, Lex Luther or Loki – since they too, are, everyday people who engage in preposterous deeds. But why do they get the fame while the true heroes are forgotten?
I, for one, do not want to forget the heroes who stood up to evil and risked their lives. I refuse to write the villains name in my blog, on my Face Book page or my Twitter. I encourage you to do the same. Remember the true heroes – Devon Suits, Matt McQuinn, Jansen Young, Josh Nowlan and Stephanie Davies.


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  1. Lori Corsentino

    Thanks for saying what you did, M.L. We too often forget our “regular” heroes who perform selfless acts of courage and heroism every day.

  2. MLGuida

    I agree. People never fail to rise to the occassion. You just have to give them a chance.

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