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I would like to thank Lori Corsentino for stopping by and talking about her new book – Destiny’s Awakening.

I have to say, Lori,  the man is definitely an hottie!  So, tell us about your story…

Hi M.L.! Thanks so much for having me on your blog!
I’m so excited to share the news about my “Tales of the Fey” series. It is a planned trilogy centering on three siblings in a Fey royal family. I love reading a series. I suppose that’s why I like to write them so much. Tales of the Fey is no different. Each one of these stories is exciting in its own right. Together in a series, I think they’re going to be a real treat.
The first book is titled, Destiny’s Awakening and focuses on the brother, Alexander. It released just a few days ago, on June 28th. This story is a bit of a twist on an old fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. A modern woman, Evelyn, or Evie as she prefers to be called, finds herself thrust into another world. She’s totally out of her element, especially when she finds that in order to get her Prince, she’s going to have to do the bulk of the work! Namely, she’s going to have to kiss him to wake him from an enchanted sleep. It’s a definite favorite of mine.
The second book focuses on Annora, Alexander’s twin sister and Crown Princess of their Fey realm, Sha’Mir. She’s got a bit of a cameo in the first book. The second book starts with her being kidnapped. She is in serious need of a knight in shining armor. What she gets is Sebastian “Bas” St. James. A bounty hunter, ‘Bas doesn’t own a set of armor, and even if he did, it would definitely be tarnished. Although he’s not what she wants, he’s exactly what she needs.
The third book focuses on Analiese, the younger sister. She’s a warrior Princess who dabbles in science and technology, making her a true Renaissance woman. While on a mission, she finds herself in a strange place, with no memory of who she is or how she got there. Enter jaded cop Jake Devlin. He’s been there and done most everything. In the doghouse with his lieutenant, he’s assigned to look over the vulnerable Analiese. Having someone like her in his care is something he’s never done before, and soon swears to never do again.
I’m currently working on books two and three. I’m planning to have book two released the end of the year/beginning of next year, and book three late in the spring of 2013.
Destiny’s Awakening is available June 28th from Amazon in both eBook and print, and from Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks in eBook format.
Thanks again, M.L. for having me on your blog. I’m giving away a bag of swag, including a free eBook or print copy of Destiny’s Awakening to one lucky commentor!
Excerpt from Destiny’s Awakening
She crouched and surveyed the room. There, a few yards away, was a partially enclosed alcove. She could see a raised platform. In partial shadow, the space promised an escape and several hiding places. She could avoid immediate detection and gain time enough to figure out her next move.
She bit her lip. The pain sharpened her focus and prevented any other betraying noises from squeaking past her ravaged throat. Without hesitation she moved toward the darkened cavity, first one foot then the other. Each step took an eternity. It was the classic nightmare – the feeling of moving through fast hardening cement. Only this was no dream – she lived it.
“Move your ass, Evie.” The faint whisper hissed softly back at her in layers. Strangely, this time the voice was encouraging. She had to get to the protection the alcove provided. With a solid wall at her back, she could think.
After only a few feet, she stopped and remembered the sword. Her first dig assignment had been in the wide open plains of Turkey. There, she’d learned the importance of using something more than her wits to defend herself, since she never knew what animals, two legged or four, she might encounter. Evie decided then it would be a good practice to have some sort of weapon at her side. Before leaving Turkey, she’d procured a six foot walking stick she’d since taken with her on every job. It was handsomely carved from a slender tree branch. The face of an old man was etched into the naturally occurring knot decorating the top. Her trusted old stick had shooed away more snakes and other unsavory creatures than she cared to remember. It had come in especially handy when a cobra had decided it wanted to share her lunch.
Evie had put down the treasured walking stick to pick up the sword. She glared at the artifact. The shine of the polished metal beckoned her and seemed to glow with a life all its own. The thought of touching it brought conflict. It obviously had something to do with her being where she was. Should she keep it with her?
Although hesitant, she knew it may prove useful. She didn’t know the first thing about wielding the long blade, but she was in trouble. Besides, it would make a better weapon than a litany of harsh language and an extended middle finger. There was no choice. She scurried back, reached out as she had a moment ago in the mountain meadow, and palmed the hilt to lift the long blade. She was all in now, and even an enchanted sword could be the difference between life and death.
As before, the blade emitted a thrumming noise and a low vibration when she touched it. The same pulsations ran from her hands up her arms and into her shoulders. Strange. Making contact with the metal strengthened and reinforced her.
With newfound confidence and weapon in hand, she turned to the right and moved toward the dark recesses of her selected alcove and its promised shelter. When she neared the haven, she discovered it wasn’t exactly the best hiding place. There was an even darker small room directly behind, sheltering who knows what. She shrugged. At least it provided some form of protection not available in the middle of the chamber.
She took stock of her surroundings. A shadowy figure in light medieval armor and chain mail lay atop the platform. The polished metal of the decoratively etched cuirass and spaulders covering his chest and shoulders glistened in the light and gave off a rich sheen. Matching gauntlets and greaves protected his arms and legs. Soft leather boots encased his feet, protected by a covering of light metal plating along his instep and the front of his calf.
Was he dead? He was sure decked out for it.
Lori’s Bio
Lori’s love of reading has transcended to include penning her own tales of romance. She is experimenting with writing in several different genres, including paranormal – a definite favorite. “There is just so much you can do when you step outside the known world,” she explains “and creating a paranormal story allows you to take yourself and your readers anywhere your imagination wants to go!”

Destiny’s Awakening is Lori’s first foray into a planned paranormal romance trilogy. Spanning both the mortal and Fey worlds, be looking for the second novel to continue the legacy with Crown Princess Annora Ambrasia de Sha’mi’liari and Sebastian “Bas” St. James in early 2013 from 5 Prince Publishing.

Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @LoriCorsentino and on Also check out her blog weekly for a Manic Monday, Wicked Writer Wednesday, or Favorite Friday entry.

Wow!  Thanks so much, Lori.  The story is definitely gripping.  I’m glad you could come and share your story.  Please leave a comment for Lori below.


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