Looking Up

In January, I had many ups and downs. One of the ups was turning 50, yes, turning 50 was actually fun. My friends and family threw me a wonderful birthday party and I indulged in their love I needed it. They roasted, had a power point presentations and pictures about little old me. I even received a book on what happened in 1963. And the people born in 1963 were Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. Hey, I’m with great company.

party animal


However with the ups came the down. My SUV first required a new engine and it broke my heart, but thanks to help with my parents, I was able to get it fixed. My parents are different my true heroes. I had a blow out on my mom’s car and wrecked her car. Talk about guilt.


But the SUV is home. My baby is back and I hope my cold is fading. At least, I hope it is. So, Ground Hog’s day may be here and gone, but I’m looking forward to the melting of bad mojo and pulling in Lady Luck!

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