World War Z versus Aliens

Zombies are coming! photo by Lynne Kelley Author
Zombies are coming! photo by Lynne Kelley Author


My nephew swore that World War Z with Brad Pitt is the best zombie movie, because he thinks the humans are so smart.  I have serious doubts about the humans. Do you remember Aliens with Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton?  The aliens were smarter than zombies and the humans.

In Aliens, Sigourney and the rest of the crew sealed off the entrances, moved furniture and had guns ready. They thought they had outsmarted the aliens. While they are hiding in the operations room, Paxton reads the signal. “They’re ten feet. Five feet. Three feet.”

“That’s in the room,” Weaver responds. “There’s something we missed.”

Where were the aliens? In the ceiling! Or the shaft. How come Brad Pitt doesn’t enter the shaft in World War Z to get the specimens? The zombie weren’t hiding there. They were wondering around, bumping into walls or windows. If they’d climbed into the shaft, they’d have gotten the other people.

I’m thinking if aliens invaded Earth, both humans and zombies would be in trouble. We need to get smarter.

In World War Z, zombies had friends. I never knew zombies had friends. In fact, they become vicious when you kill one of their friends. Makes sense. Don’t we get angry if the bad guys kills one of our friends. Aliens only get angry when you kill their off spring.

I think the next movie should be Aliens versus Zombies. Who would survive?

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