ML Guida’s Newest Release: Bite of the Vampire!

I’m so excited about my newest release: Bite of the Vampire!

This story is based in Savannah at the Pirate House Inn! Back in the day, men would be shanghaied and forced to join pirate ships, never to be seen again. There’s a secret passage way below the Inn that leads down to the river! What a great place to write a pirate adventure! 

If you’re ever in Savannah, check out the Pirate Inn House! And oh, did I mention, it’s haunted?

He’s not the only vampire in Savannah and he’s being hunted.

Flung through time, Phearson MacFie lands in the future with no money and no crew. To survive, he becomes Captain Fear and robs from the rich. 
His troubles grow when he meets the lovely Rosalind, trapped working at The Pirate House Inn. He has no time for love, but his heart has different plans.

Burned in a fire as a child, Rosalind Gill has no romantic prospects and is forced to wear a mask. She wants to save enough money to escape her stepfather, but he always seems to be one step ahead of her.

Until she meets Phearson MacFie, a vampire and the notorious Captain Fear.

Bite of the Vampire is the newest book in Award Winning Author ML Guida’s Blood Brotherhood series, a collection of dark paranormal romance novels.
If you like heart pounding action adventure romance, dark vampire fantasy, and romantic suspense then grab ML Guida’s Blood Brotherhood series.

Get Bite of the Vampire to discover your treasure tonight!

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  1. Danielle Wilson

    This can NOT be the last Blood Brotherhood book.

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