ML Guida’s News: Colorado Romance Writers 2016 Retreat

The gang at CRW

Once again, we had a fabulous time at the Colorado Romance Writers 2016 Retreat at the Amberwood in Estes Park. Fellow authors included: Rena Marks, Lyz Kelly, Jean Jacobsen, Maggie McCullough, Jessa Jacobs, Helen Hardt, Elizabeth Haysmount, and Aidy Award. Meg Benjamin had already left and Jessica Aspen was downstairs. We all had fun and I wrote 5000 words on the next book in the Legends of the Soaring Phoenix: A Pirate’s Bane.

A Pirate’s Bane is another dragon story. Leif Black is a red dragon and very possessive of his treasure, but not every treasure is gold.RedDragon

Aidy Award with Elk

We saw elk, deer, and big horn ship. Aidy Award is standing right in front of an elk on our walk. Big horn sheep and deer stopped outside our cabin. We also sang karaoke and Helen Hardt could be a second Joan Jett—I Love Rock n’ Roll.

I can hardly wait for next the retreat. We’re looking at having a fall retreat.



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