Hot Mojave Knights

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Hot Mojave Knights was a blast this year. There was knight jousting and a fabulous Halloween party. There had to be over a hundred people and authors gave away baskets and books. One of my favorite parts was sitting on a paranormal panel. It was great to interact with readers and writers.

HMK Halloween Party HMK Jousting Knight Blond


The Knights had to try and earn the ladies’ favor which was a twist. The Sunset Station was a little smoky, but the food and the hospitality of the hotel were great. I met some great people and met up with old friends. Great Convention!

The ladies – Shannon Albright, Siobhan Muir and R.M. Sotera – are planning a second one in March 2015 and I was the first one to sign up. If you’d like to meet authors and play writing games and party, this is the conference for you.

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