National Novel Writing Month

I’ve made a commitment with the National Novel Writing Month to type 50,000 words by November 30th and so far I’m up to 40,000 words as of today. I hope to reach 50,000 words by Friday, November 27th. Each day I upload my words on NaNoWritMo’s website and it keeps me focused. I would like to thank the encouragement I have received from the sponsors of the National Novel Writing Month through their emails.
The story I am writing, The Revenge of the Soaring Phoenix is the sequel to my first manuscript. The story starts with a full moon rising over the island of Tortuga. In the Scourge of the Soaring Phoenix, my first manuscript, the demon, Zuito, curses a fresh water lake and after Captain Kane O’Brien and his crew members drink from it, they change into vampires during each full moon. At the end of the battle in the first manuscript, Zuito casts a spell onto Kane’s brother, William O’Brien, who is the hero in the sequel. William, does not change into a vampire during a full moon like his brother. He transforms into a dragon, but reverts back to a man after each full moon. William needs to combine forces with a witch, Mariah, to lift the curse and destroy a new enemy, Anatas, a female demon who has joined forces with Zuito. Anatas holds Mariah’s brother, Lark, prisoner on Zuito’s island. She plans on converting him into a warlock unless William and Mariah can stop her. Mariah calls on her friend, Angelica, an undine or water nymph to help her rescue her brother, Lark. Angelica appears to Lark but only resolves to help him if once free, he promises to make her human so she can pursue a male crew member aboard the Soaring Phoenix, Shayne Macmillian. Lark is not sure he has the power to do so but makes the pact with her. A yari, a choker, around his neck, keeps him from summoning his power. As you can see, my characters are in trouble again and I plan on completing this story by the New Year!

 On a lighter note, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving this week!

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