Open Water

Last night I watched the movie, Open Water. Two divers, a husband and wife, are left behind and when they wonder too far away from the dive boat. As a scuba diver, it was scary, because unfortunately, this does happen. Part of the problem was they did left the dive master, which I’m too paranoid to do. I attach to the diver master like a parasite. Where he or she goes, I go. They won’t leave the dive master behind. I’ve always wanted to dive with sharks, but only with the dive master or other experienced divers around. I don’t want to be shark bait, because I was fooling around and got left behind.
As a writer, Open Water makes for an interesting book. I kept thinking what would I have done in their situation? Besides panic! Would I try to swim for shore? Wait to see if the boat comes back? I saw another movie where this happened and the two people swam to shore and survived. When they arrived close to shore, the waves slammed into the rocks and they were worried they’d be smashed to pieces, but a hammerhead shark arrived and left them little choice. Luckily, a speed boat happened by and they were rescued.
I usually write about the paranormal, but experiences, like Open Water, are scary enough without bringing in demons. I have not had any terrifying moments as a diver, but have had some rocky moments. Down in Key West, six foot waves rocked the boat and I was the only one who did not get sick. Underwater, I could not stay down and kept moving towards the surface. I wasn’t the only ones, the fish moved back and forth like they were doing a sidestep dance.
Have you ever scuba dive or snorkel? Any scary or funny experiences?

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  1. Christine_Daae

    Hello! Thank you for sharing. I’m watching this movie right now and it is terrifying.. Please, could you tell me the name of the movie where two people survived, I just need to watch something soothing after this movie.. I mean this is so disturbing..

  2. MLGuida

    Hi Christine, I know the movie you are talking about, but I can’t remember the name. Both the man and the woman survive. The man continues to dive, but the woman stopped. I missed the beginning of the movie so I don’t know why they were left. MG

  3. Christine_Daae

    Perhaps you remember some names or other details I would really appreciate if you did so that I could find the movie:)

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