Hunger Games

Today is the start of my spring break so I wanted to pick a good book to read for all of my hard work. I decided upon Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. As a writer I am always analyzing books, but what I noticed in this one was Collins’ world building. She drew me into the story right away and I was hooked. Her world building was subtle so as a reader, I believed what she was telling me. I felt I was living in apocalyptic North America.
However, I noticed she had problem with her character development. When she first described her character, her heroine sounded more like a boy, but this is minor and Collins corrects it. Collins has a knack for drawing the reader to care about her character and leaving hooks. Although it’s a grim plot, Collins is a master in her story. I’m looking forward to reading her story and hope to learn from her writing to help improve on my own writing.
I believe authors learn from the writing of others. It forces us to take the next step and pushes us to take risks. Plus, reading is fun. For me, it takes you to another world. When you look at your last fiction novel, what did you like about the author’s world building? I’d love to know.

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